Nishiren Gard is an UTAUloid voicebank first made in 2020, their design and voice are all based on their voice provider Gardanana.

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Current Projects

• Nishiren CVVC Studio
• Nishiren CV v2
• Nishiren EXvoice
• USTs
• Nishi-byte website

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1/23/23 • Released Nishiren's COEIROINK talk model!
1/21/23 • Updated web buttons.
1/20/23 • Added 'Terms of Service' page.
1/06/23 • Updated Nishiren Power's sample song.
12/10/22 • Added page for Nishiren derivatives.
11/30/22 • Added Nishiren VCCV info on site.
11/20/22 • Released Nishiren VCCV English!
10/14/22 • Minor site updates.
10/11/22 • Added voicebank samples to the downloads page.
9/29/22 • All Nishiren voicebanks have been updated with Openutau compatibility.
9/17/22 • Nishiren CV SWEET and POWER have been released!
9/16/22 • Added more art to the gallery.
8/15/22 • Added new art to the gallery.
8/10/22 • Nishiren CV MMD model released.
8/05/22 • Website done, welcome!
7/25/22 • Website still under construction!