Nishiren's current MMD models.


Chiru6's Sour Model

Nishiren's first MMD model, made by Chiru6. The design uses a Sour base, and was inspired from Nishiren's VCV design.

Parts Credits

Base: Sour, Shiori-chan04, Supurreme
Bangs: By-MosterNight-MMD
Back hair: amiamy111
Headphones: KawaiiCone
Pants: NagekinomaiP
Loafers: UnityAssetStore
Button-up shirt: AppleWaterSugar, McLayneSims, EA
Coat: Stylc

Gardanana's TDA Model

Gardanana's first Nishiren model, based on Nishiren CV's design. This design uses a TDA base.

Parts Credits

Base: TDA, StylC, ゆるん, Uploaded By: UnseenComet
Shirt: The Sims 4. Ripped+Rigged by: Reseliee
Pants: animasa, Kio, Chamu, Narita, Green-Fighter
Shoes: Madlen
Headphone: supersonicwind69
Bracelet: o-DSV-o, toksik
Belt: xXHIMRXx
Hair, coat: Gardanana


Enlil's Model

Nishiren's first original MMD model, made by @EnlilGen. The design is based on Nishiren's VCV design.


Model: Generus Enlil
Rigging: Littlemisshorror
Edits: Gardanan

Poses by Snorlaxin, VioletCrystal259