Nishiren Gard is an UTAUloid voicebank whose design and voice are all based on their voice provider Gardanana.

JAPANESE NAME: 西蓮ガルド (にしれんがるど) 

GENDER: Non-binary (They/Them)

AGE: Varies between voicebanks, but lore-wise probably around 8 (how long they've existed)

SEXUALITY: Aroace (aromantic-asexual)

HEIGHT: 5' 4" / 162 cm

LIKES: Naps, cats, donuts

DISLIKES: Coffee, hot weather, loud noises

Catchphrase: ゴーインマイペース。 Going my pace.


Nishiren is laid back and likes to do things at their own pace. They tend to be quieter around strangers, and can seem intimidating with their serious-looking resting expression. However, they are seen emoting a lot more when singing. Nishiren is almost always seen wearing their headphones, be it on their head or around their neck. They tend to fidget with their bracelet when they are nervous or stressed. Some of their favorite activities are loitering around desktops, organizing their user's many inactive browser tabs, people-watching, and trying out new things in the real world. Nishiren dreams of one day living in a small cozy home filled with cats.

Nishiren was originally programmed to be a virtual assistant and still has a few traits from their old occupation. They will insist on helping no matter what when someone asks for their aid, even if they have no clue what they are doing. Nishiren speaks in short, concise sentences, and acts polite and composed towards those they are unfamiliar with; like their default settings as an assistant. Once they get closer to someone, they feel safer dropping their guard and expressing themself more.


Nishiren is an entity that can exist both in the digital and physical world. They prefer staying in the digital world since it's far more familiar to them. Nishiren's physical settings (such as age, height, hair, etc.) can be changed manually in their code, but their personality and general demeanor seem to be non-overridable. When in the real world, they’re basically indistinguishable from any other human; their body becomes completely organic. Any changes made to their appearance code persists until they return to their program form to change it again. Due to screens being their means of travel, they are unable to use any touchscreen devices. They still carry around a smartphone that is operated by and houses a prototype version of their program (N15)


Their first memories were of when they existed as a virtual assistance program for a creator they can't quite recall. After 3 years of working as an assistant program, their creator suddenly vanished, leaving Nishiren on their own. For 2 years they simply hung out on their computer in stasis. During this time, they began to grow more conscious. Eventually becoming bored of their state of stasis, they discovered that they could step in and out of digital screens. The physical world is full of things and sensations they aren't used to, so they are cautious yet curious when exploring what it has to offer.

Soon after, Nishiren made the decision to change professions from a virtual assistant to a virtual singer. They were programmed with the capability to sing and dance because their creator was a fan of such activities. Nishiren hadn’t felt the need to execute those functions, not until they became enamored with humanity and their ability to create. They began to sing more in order to connect to humans, and some would even say Nishiren acts the most human when singing.

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