Nishiren Gard AI

Nishiren's AI singing voice synthesis model for Diffsinger. They are Nishiren Gard in their future, where they have embraced their humanity more. Nishiren has gotten better at socializing and expressing themself from their career as a virtual singer.

AGE: 22

RELEASE DATE: 2/4/2024

LANGUAGE: English, Japanese

VOCAL MODES: Standard, Power, Sweet, Soft, 2P*
(*only to be depicted by Kayama)

DATASET: 40 mins main, 15 mins vocal modes
Public datasets used for multispeaker: Namine Ritsu, Ofuton-P, PJS, TSVD, Alex Floarea, TIGER

ART: Matcha_Worm



Quick showcase of Standard and 2P vocal modes using their 120423 alpha version of their model.